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I really enjoyed my session with Melanie.  I loved the implementation of grounding meditation exercises and felt comfortable to open up, be myself and ask for guidance on intimate topics. Thanks so much!


Coming out of this intuitive reading with Melanie, I feel calm, centered & peaceful in my body. I received confirmation that I am already living my purpose simply by being in a high vibration as often as possible through creativity & devotion to what lights me up to be of service on my life path! The cards she pulled felt very accurate to some of the themes in my life; Harmony, resolution, signs, reminders & manifestation! She spoke about being intentional with my creativity, being patient with how my desires manifest as well as truly listening to the messages being shown to me. As a result, I feel more clear about how I am sharing my gifts with the world & how I can narrow down my focus in order to devote my energy to developing specific skills in a more potent way! I get the sense that Melanie is a very sweet, gentle soul who is committed to being an open channel for spirit to speak through her to those who are ready to ask the deeper questions & tap into their own internal guidance. I am very grateful for the opportunity to have shared this time connecting with her.


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