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Welcome!  I am Melanie Luyten, and I am a certified intuitive coach. I am so passionate about helping people find their way back to themselves and show them how to shine their light!

I haven’t always had this passion and have suffered from deep depression, low self esteem and limiting beliefs since childhood. I have always felt like I have never fit in. I always felt like I was the “black sheep” of my family.  I was very sensitive and felt mis-understood.

I went through major depression and self esteem issues in my teen years, and at times I found it hard to get out of bed. The limiting beliefs and thoughts I had all day were a loop I couldn’t get out of!

As I started to learn more about myself in my 20’s and 30’s, I realized that I wasn’t those thoughts or beliefs.  Through seeking out different healing modalities, I started to listen to my inner guidance and began to see myself as others saw me, the beautiful being that I AM!

I trusted and listened to my intuition when I was guided to move provinces 10 years ago. I have been led by intuition to different courses and spiritual practices that have contributed to deep healing.

 I continue to listen to my inner guidance daily and have really embraced the divine being that I AM and who I AM here to be. I want to show you how to work with your inner guidance and work through blocks and patterns so you can show up for yourself and see the beautiful soul that YOU ARE!

If you choose to work with you me, I will use my gift of intuiting and hold space and  compassion as you go on this inner journey of unraveling blocks and patterns in relationships, career, self esteem, depression, deep limiting beliefs… etc.

 I believe we are all on this earth currently for a reason.  It is not a time to dim our light, but to be the BRIGHT shining light that the world needs right now!!

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